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Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Best digital level – Comparison

Top 10 Best digital level Reviews

Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Electronic Level and Angle Gauge, Measures 0 - 90 and 0 - 180 Degree Ranges, Measures and Sets Angles

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  • This Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles with zero calibration feature, or can be used as a digital level
  • High visibility reverse contrast display improves visibility in dimly lit work environments
  • Strong magnetic base to attaches to conduit, pipes, saw blades, vents, ducts, and other ferromagnetic surfaces
  • V-groove edges enable optimal alignment on conduits and pipes for bending and alignment
  • 0 to 90-Degree and 0 to 180-Degree measurement ranges provide easy use in applications such as woodworking, bending conduit, installing electrical panels, and working on machinery

Stabila 36548 48" Electronic Dust & Waterproof IP65 Tech Level

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  • Lighted digital display
  • Select different modes, degrees; percent; & Rise and run
  • Display flips when positioned upside down to read correctly
  • Included components: Levels

Klein Tools 935DAGL Digital Level Angle Finder with Programmable Angles, Measures 0 - 90 and 0 - 180 Degree or Dual Axis Bullseye Ranges

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as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • Digital level measures 0 to 90-Degree, 0 to 180-Degree, or dual axis bullseye ranges
  • Pre-programmed commonly used target pitches for efficiency and ease-of use: 1/8-Inch, 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch per foot
  • Easily achieve target angle by setting an audible alarm; LCD will change color as a visual indicator of reaching the set target angle
  • Use in bullseye orientation to accurately determine X- and Y-axis
  • Display auto-rotates when used in horizontal or vertical orientation

Digital Angle Finder with Electronic Laser - 4-side Strong Magnetic Angle Gauge, Cube Inclinometer with Backlight, Table Saw Miter Protractor, Woodworking Measuring Tool, Level Box for Hanging

as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • Brilliant little cube - L2.4in, W2.4in, H1.2in, portable pocket size with matching belt bag. ±0.2° precise microprocessor with automatic inversion when upside down. 4*90° measurement can be used at many angles and can be zeroed at any angle for comparison.
  • Craftsman's Choice - Not only the baseboard, but also the strong magnetic upgrade at the four sides. Never slide on the table saw blade or any metal surface. Magnetic feature and lasers are great advantages for measuring, cutting, leveling in woodworking renovations and building furniture.
  • Save time and effort hanging decorations - Dual lasers are great helper for horizontal and symmetrical installation. Furthermore, this digital level box maybe a great gift for father’s day, birthdays, Christmas.
  • This inclinometer, digital angle finder comes complete with a USB-C charging cable for the internal 340mAH rechargeable battery. It also has dust-proof and IP67 waterproof performance with bright backlight. Even in garage, with the door open and the sunshine pouring in, you can easily read the display.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Technical Parameters - Material: aluminum alloy| Measuring range: 4*90°| Resolution: 0.05°| Accuracy: ±0.2°| Repeatability: 0.1°| Power supply: 3.7V lithium battery| Working temperature: 14-122℉

Electronic Level, 24 in.L, Yellow

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  • package height : 61.595 cm
  • package length : 5.715 cm
  • package width : 11.43 cm
  • Product type : TOOLS
  • country of origin : Germany

24-Inch Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor | Neodymium Magnets | Bright LCD Display | IP54 Dust/Water Resistant smart level with Carrying Bag

as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • HIGH ACCURACY - Accurate to the ±0.1° at 0° and 90° and ±0.2° from 1-89°; displays angle and bevel readings in degrees, pitch IN/FT, mm/M, and percent slope. Great for roofs, rails, ADA ramps.
  • AUDIO INDICATOR - This level features a large, bright LCD display that flips, so you can easily read your measurements all day and night – even in the darkest spaces. What's more, we craft our digital level with audio indicator functionality, so you can achieve level and 90 degrees even with your eyes closed.
  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY - As a true (absolute) digital level and electronic inclinometer / protractor lets you set or check relative angles between surfaces. Plus, magnetic base firmly attach to ferrous metal surfaces like conduit, pipe, steel construction framing, metal fabrication and more.
  • NEODYMIUM MAGNETS - Sturdy solid I-beam aluminum frame, Neodymium magnets, rubber end caps and IP54 dust/water splash resistant protection for harsh working environments.
  • MEMORY RECALL&HOLD FUNCTION - It’s the fact that it has a memory function that can store your last 8 angle measurements, and how with a hold of a button you can transfer target values to other work areas.

Swanson Tool Co SVT200 9 Inch Savage Digital Magnetic Aluminum Billet Torpedo Level

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as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • POWERFUL MAGNET STRENGTH: 4 strong neodymium v-grooved magnets
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Precision machined with 3 modes and two vials (90 and 0 degrees)
  • FEATURES: Automatic shut off after continual non-use, so it does not waste battery power
  • EASY TO USE: Does NOT rely on the user to determine if a bubble is accurately between two lines, and it has an Audio alert when it achieves level or plumb
  • VIAL ACCURACY: 3X more accurate than most spirit levels on the market

Digi-Pas 2-Axis Smart Master Precision Level DWL1500XY Bluetooth, 0.0002"/ft (0.02 mm/M), Black

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as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • Digi-Pas pioneers Smart 2-AXIS MASTER Machinist Precision Level & Digital Inclinometer replaces 2 pieces of Old-fashioned Spirit Vial Level in one go. Tedious repetition on going ‘back-and-forth’ checking 'bubble' position in-between tiny graduation lines is NOW THINGS OF THE PAST. This task is replaced by WIRELESSLY looking at leveling status simultaneously on your smartphone screen while leveling. It enables ONE-MAN OPERATION to align a machine instead of conventionally done by TWO MEN.
  • WIRELESSLY pairs to Smartphones/Tablets (One FREE App Incl. for Apple/Android), instantly displays both X&Y axis level status (Digital & Graphic) on your phone screen while you were SIMULTANEOUSLY adjusting machine’s footings over bluetooth range. MULTIPLE users SHARING one or more smart level(s), additional paid app can be separately downloaded from Apple/Google App stores.
  • Greatly CUTDOWN machine alignment TIME (by >70%) and in combine with one-man operability allow GREAT COST SAVING as well as improve alignment QUALITY with utmost precision during Installation, Setup & Maintenance of precision machines, X-Y Table straightness checking and alignment-sensitive equipment in a SMART way. Rugged design with high impact resistant withstanding rough handling. Tens of thousands Digi-Pas digital levels shipped worldwide in just few months!
  • RESOLUTION: 0. 0002”/ft or 5-second (0. 02 mm/M or 0. 001°). Measurement range: 0. 4” or 0° to 2. 000° ACCURACY: 0. 0004”/ft or 10-second ( 0. 002°) from 0° to 0. 500°. Operating temp. range: 10° to 120°F. Bluetooth range: approx. 50ft.
  • ACCURACY of Digi-Pas digital level has been certified by accredited Calibration & Test Laboratories traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN. This item includes a manufacturer's Calibration Certificate. Users who needs a NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate with data, see our DWL1500XY- With NIST listing.

Mitutoyo 950-315, Digital Protractor / Digital Level, Pro360, 6"

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  • Full 360 degree range (90 degree X 4)
  • Machined aluminum frame
  • Reading hold
  • Simple calibration
  • Supplied in fitted carrying case

PREXISO Digital Level, 11.5'', Angle Slope with LCD Display, 360° Electronic Bubble Inclinometer, Vertical & Horizontal Spirit Bubble for Construction Carpenter Craftsman Renovation Home Professional

as of April 25, 2022 1:10 am


  • High Accuracy: Accurate to the ±0.1° at 0° and 90° and ±0.2° from -1-89°. Measure slope angles 4 x 90˚ (total 360˚)
  • Bright LCD Display: Large bright green LCD display provides better visibility, so you can easily read your measurements all day and night, even in the darkest spaces. The display value reverses automatically when the electronic level is upside down
  • Two Measuring Modes: Press "hold" button to enter absolute angle mode, the value will hold for easy to read. Press the "REF" button to achieve relative measurement mode
  • Three Measuring Units: This inclinometer provide three different units of measurement selections: degrees , % grade, IN/FT. You can change the required units in your measurement
  • Audible Indicator: This level will buzz when the level is getting close to plumb or level, help to achieve level and 90 degrees when your eyes can't see the display (This version has no magnetic function)